new english task!

we choose the lungs as it it very important for our respiration...please read our articles about the lungs function and ways how to take good care of yor lungs!

*can't you see we're having an exam right now?*---->prefect a.k.a vivyan.........

At last,the sketch competition was over..ahaa...overall,i'm having my great time during that 4 hours i guess...our team was the lucky first group to present and thank god,we did it very well.all the audience seems understand what we're trying to's all about learning,love and live..but,something screwed up that night.we presented more than the limit time given and tomoko forgot her line,*five years in a row*...but,let we just forget about that little mistake.i'm very proud of my friends because of their talent in this sketch competition..they performed well on the stage,with the wonderful props we have prepared..we worked together to prepare all the trees,leaves and some items that we used on the stage.we only have a very short time to prepare enough for this competition,that is only 3 days!thanks to suraya,our script writer for her wonderful story...

    This story is about three friends name Will, Maya and Haylie. They were inseparable, and always sticking for each other, through ups and downs.One day, Will had been accused for stealing the fund box, filled with money from the principal office and he got kicked out from this accusation. Maya and Haylie were disappointed with him and turn their back against Will. Sorry for Will, he did not managed to further his studies but that won’t stop his yearning to keep on learning and studying. In the end, the knowledge he got from learning by himself really worth it and even save someone’s life.

    nice huh?i know...well,if you ask me who will be the champion for the competition i would say my team,heterozygous dominous science team.why?it's simple...they are talented,the story is obviously about the theme long life learning and compared to other teams,we used the nature background that showes that we are the science people and not forgetting about the scientific name that we used for awesome,walaaaaaa...!!so,i would like to thank zillion thanks to my beloved friends for their full cooperation and commitment during the preparation for the big guys had done a very nice work,keep it up peeps! to madam hamidah,thanks for the full support that u have given to us...

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